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An innovative K–12 Christian Academy educating our future leaders.

New Hope Christian Academy (NHCA) admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities. In addition, NHCA will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, scholarships, loan fee waivers, educational programs, athletics, or extracurricular activities. NHCA is not intended to be an alternative to court or administrative agency ordered or public school district initiated desegregation.

New Hope Christian Academy is recognized as a chartered nonpublic K-12 school. As a chartered nonpublic, New Hope is able to establish specific admissions criteria, policy and procedures in order to provide a safe, secure, and wholesome learning environment. The following policies and procedures are established in order to ensure each student (current or prospective) and family requesting admissions to New Hope understands and upholds the rules and regulations associated with the policies and procedures.


The purpose and goal of New Hope is to provide our students with the very best education with caring, qualified, Christian teachers. Our school provides curriculum, activities, methods, and materials centered in and upon the eternal principles of God's Word and His son, Jesus Christ. Small class sizes provide a high degree of individual interaction.

We believe that the education of our students is important because it not only deals with their present lives, but it also affects and shapes their future. The student’s home, church, and school experience should be a preparation for life, a life of walking daily with God and service to man.


New Hope Christian Academy is an innovative PreK–high school Christian academy dedicated to excellence by partnering with families and churches in educating the future Christian leaders through Christ-centered training, application, and example.


Our Strategic Vision is to become the premier Christian K-12 college preparatory leadership school in Ohio.


“I will let God give me wisdom and integrity today, so that I can be my best and make a difference in the world.” It is more than a creed. It is a way of life for our students. Our standards for principled student leaders are high and each student and his/her family must be willing to adhere to the standards.

CORE VALUES (NHCA affirms the following core values):

Scripture is recognized as the revealed Word of God and is taught as truth.
A rigorous process of the integration of faith and learning in all academic disciplines is maintained.
Christian administration and faculty model Christ in teaching and leading.
High academic standards are maintained, and internal and external evaluation is welcome.
Curriculum and other programs are characteristically innovative.
Every student can learn and be successful.
Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children; the school serves as a tool for the parents.
Teaching of the Bible is a core subject and is essential to the academic curriculum.


New Hope Christian Academy stands firmly upon the historical truth claims and moral foundation of Christianity.  This includes, but is not limited to the biblical definition of marriage, the attendant boundaries of sexuality and moral conduct, and the clear biblical teaching that gender is both sacred and established by God’s design.

The Biblical and philosophical goal of New Hope Christian Academy is to develop students into mature, Christ-like individuals who will be able to exhibit a belief of what qualities or characteristics exemplify a Christlike life.  New Hope Christian Academy retains the right to deny enrollment to or to expel any student who engages in sexual immorality, including any student who professes to be homeosexual / bisexual / trangender or is a practicing homosexual/bisexual/transgender, as well as any student who promotes such practices (Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:27).

Parents or legal guardians who choose to apply are accepted and subsequently enroll their children at New Hope Christian Academy agree to support these and other basic biblical values derived from historical Christianity and relevant Christian positions.   Parents understand and agree that New Hope Christian Academy will teach these principles and biblical values.  


In order to assess each student’s ability to be successful at New Hope Christian Academy, the following procedures will be used relative to a student’s acceptance or non-acceptance:

The Prospective Family and Student MUST:

Complete the application
Ensure completion of the forms from the Guidance office of the student’s previous school and provide to New Hope.
Provide the application fee.
Be interviewed by the Admissions Committee.
Conduct Grade level equivalent assessments as prescribed by the Academic Dean.

The Admissions Committee Will:

Review each applicant on a stand-alone basis and with the desire to ensure success, and not failure, are available to the student - maximizing the opportunity for success in the learning environment at New Hope.
Review all applicable pieces of the application package including, but not limited to, the application, guidance and teacher recommendation forms, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan.
The Admissions Committee will conduct an interview of both the student and family.

NOTE 1: Acceptance of the applicant will be based on test scores, transcript grades, NHCA entrance testing, interview, and teacher/counselor recommendations. If a student has a learning disability and the Admissions Committee believes New Hope cannot provide adequate services, they will meet with the family to discuss other options for the student and family. A letter of acceptance/non-acceptance will be mailed to each family.