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Common Core Statement:

Since it began in 1993, New Hope Christian Academy has held the belief that it is crucial to our students' success to be willing to constantly evaluate, adapt, and improve its curriculum in order to make sure that students are prepared for real-world success, both academically and spiritually. The staff at New Hope Christian Academy works hared to ensure that we are up-to-date on the latest educational and brain-based research to assist in selecting curriculum that will best serve the students.

In recent years, schools in Ohio and other states have been bombarded with a major change to the standards being taught to students through the adoption of the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards apply to English/Language Arts and Mathematics. The Ohio Learning Standards have been adopted for Science, Social Studies, and other academic content areas.

New Hope Christian Academy has spent much time researching and reviewing these standards, as well as other options, to find out what aligns with God's Word and what will best serve NHCA students. As a chartered nonpublic school, we have the flexibility to choose what is best for our students, and we are able to use a wide variety of resources in curriculum development.

New Hope Christian Academy is NOT a Common Core school; however, we believe that the Common core State Standards should be considered as part of the broader context of what students should know at a certain grade level. These standards can provide a floor, but they are not the ceiling for where we want our students to be. Some of the standards are very useful in helping teachers articulate exactly what students should know and be able to do; other standards are confusing for students and don't provide the most direct solution to a problem. New Hope Christian Academy can use the positive elements of the standards and set aside the parts that do not benefit students.

New Hope Christian Academy does not participate in any of the statewide tests being given to students (with the exception of the Ohio Graduation Test required for the class of 2017). Instead, we have adopted a combination of the Terra Nova 3 test and the ACT program (Aspire) in order to ensure that we are accurately assessing student learning and using data to drive instruction. We will continue to evaluate our 3-year assessment plan and make any adjustments needed. We will also continue to comply with the state laws of Ohio regarding testing for nonpublic school students.

While the Common Core State Standards may continue to be a controversial, and often a political issue, New Hope Christian Academy will continue to focus on providing the highest quality education possible for every single student. Curriculum reviews, research-based teaching, and data-driven instruction will continue to guide the scope and sequence of each individual class that is taught at the school. Above all else, we are committed to using the measuring stick of God's Word against any new idea, policy, or trend that may arise in education in future years.

Further support of the statement as articulated above can be found with Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Their website is New Hope Christian Academy's currently a member of ACSI and intends on becoming ACSI accredited in the Fall of 2017.