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An innovative K–12 Christian Academy educating our future leaders.
  Name Title Group
Allison Catlos Catlos, Allison Middle/High School Principal Administration
Jamie King King, Jamie Head of School Administration
Tami McCallister McCallister, Tami Director of Finance and Admissions Administration
Brian Roseberry Roseberry, Brian Guidance Counselor; Athletic Director Administration
Kim Shepherd Shepherd, Kim Elementary Principal Administration
Whitney Wrightsel Wrightsel, Whitney Early Learning Center Director Administration
  Name Title Group
Jeanne Ames Ames, Jeanne Bumblebee Lead Teacher Early Learning Center
Connie Cassell Cassell, Connie Bunnyhopper Lead Teacher Early Learning Center
Stephanie Davis Davis, Stephanie Kangaroo Lead Teacher Early Learning Center
Angel Honeycutt Honeycutt, Angel Koala Lead Teacher Early Learning Center
Alisha Noble Noble, Alisha Lamb Lead Teacher Early Learning Center
  Name Title Group
Kelly Blubaugh Blubaugh, Kelly Robotics; Physical Education K-12 Staff
Shannon Bryant Bryant, Shannon K-12 Art K-12 Staff
Amy Culp Culp, Amy MS Mathematics & Science K-12 Staff
Lisa Curry Curry, Lisa Tutor K-12 Staff
Kendra Dill Dill, Kendra Tutor K-12 Staff
John Drum Drum, John HS Mathematics K-12 Staff
Laura Gossel Gossel, Laura HS Science K-12 Staff
Dave Gray Gray, Dave HS Bible K-12 Staff
Cara Gremillion Gremillion, Cara HS English K-12 Staff
Abbie Kamer Kamer, Abbie Teacher K-12 Staff
Jeremy Kamer Kamer, Jeremy Computer Science & Technology K-12 Staff
Rebecca McGinnis McGinnis, Rebecca HS Social Studies K-12 Staff
Jay Neff Neff, Jay Service and Support Administrator K-12 Staff
Megan Parker Parker, Megan 2nd grade K-12 Staff
Sherrie Peloquin Peloquin, Sherrie Administrative Assistant K-12 Staff
Katie Piacentini Piacentini, Katie MS English K-12 Staff
Derek Radcliff Radcliff, Derek 5-12 Music K-12 Staff
Lauren Ramsburg Ramsburg, Lauren 4-5th grade K-12 Staff
Richelle Ritchey Ritchey, Richelle Administrative Assistant/Marketing Dir. K-12 Staff
Becca Schutte Schutte, Becca Kindergarten K-12 Staff
Allison Scull Scull, Allison 4-5th grade K-12 Staff
Charity Stewart Stewart, Charity Kindergarten K-12 Staff
Christine Swank Swank, Christine MS English & Social Studies K-12 Staff
Taylor Walters Walters, Taylor Nurse K-12 Staff
Peggy Zimmerman Zimmerman, Peggy K-12 Spanish K-12 Staff
  Name Title Group
Lori Bidwell Bidwell, Lori Cafeteria Manager Custodial & Kitchen Staff