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Employment Opportunities

Kitchen Worker/Cook  

To prepare, serve and clean up meals for NHCA and Early Learning Center students and staff.  To uphold the values and Morals required of an employee of New Hope Christian Academy.

Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare breakfast and deliver to appropriate rooms.  Clean up once returned to kitchen. Refill totes as needed & set out next morning’s breakfast.

Measure and assemble ingredients for menu items and prepare lunch trays.

Collaborate with Food Service Manager to prepare meals.

Properly store food items at appropriate temperatures. When cooking food, check temperatures and document where necessary.

Put stock away upon delivery. Rotate stock & check for expiration dates while stocking.

Restock or refill supplies for the next day.

Ensure food prep areas, serving areas and kitchen is clean at end of shift.

Observe all cleaning schedules noted in kitchen.

Follow portion size guidelines instilled by NSLP & CACFP programs. Portion sizes are posted in the kitchen for reference.

At end of week, pull out of freezer, any items that need to thaw for the next week.

Food Service Manager will do ordering and shopping.  Alert manager of any items that need ordered.

Attention to student allergies and make substitutions as needed.

Reports to Food Service Manager

Hours are: Breakfast server 7am- 1:30 ( or until duties are done)

M-T-W-TH-F – K-12 Server 8am-2:00 ( Or until duties are done)


Employee should be able to work well with children.

Uphold the values and morals required of an employee of New Hope Christian Academy

Experience as a cook is preferred.

Knowledge of proper food handling procedures.

Able to read and follow recipe instructions.

Able to work as part of a team in a busy kitchen atmosphere.

Servesafe certification preferred.

Contact Information:

Lori Bidwell, Kitchen Supervisor at


Substitute Teachers

Requires a Bachelor's degree and background check. Please inquire in the school office for an application.