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An innovative K–12 Christian Academy educating our future leaders.

"We continue to choose New Hope because we know that our children are receiving a Kingdom-class education. They are being prepared for their future through excellent academic programs. Our children genuinely enjoy going to school every day because they know that their teachers and the rest of the NHCA staff love and care about them. It is very comforting to know that the values we profess at home are the same values that are being shared at school" "Our children have excelled in many academic areas since their transition to NHCA several years ago. One of our children has dyslexia and is now reading at grade level because of the specialized, one-on-one instruction that can only be found at New Hope. Our other child has expressed an interest in STEAM activities and computer programming. Due to the small class sizes, teachers are able to cater instruction to these individual needs and interests." -Shawn & Allison Catlos | NHCA family, 3 years

"We have chosen New Hope for two years now for several reason. 1. The high quality of education. 2. The atmosphere of love and kindness. The teachers work so hard to make sure the students succeed and no one gets left behind. The Christian atmosphere is everywhere and the children are taught to love each other and be kind as God would want them to be. The high quality of the sporting events and fans are unbelievable. The staff, from the Head of School, Principal, and teachers, strive for excellence and always have an open door policy. When you move through the school all you see is love and caring people, plus high caliber teaching and happy faces. The instrumental and music departments are the best I have seen. The Science class is top notch and the teacher cares and stays busy working with the students. I can honestly say, all the teachers are the best and this is one great school!" -Betty Gaines | NHCA family, 2 years

"...the assurance that our children are learning in an environment that supports the same Christian values and Biblical world view that our family holds. Knowing that our children are surrounded by teachers and staff who have a high professional and moral characting. Having our children academically challenged with the only certified State of Ohio pravate STEM school. To see our childen encouraged to grow in their relationship with the Lord, by keeping HIM in the center of ALL that they do." -Joe & Amy Pohlman | NHCA family, 3 years

"I was initially impressed by the curriculum and the Foundations and Frameworks but then I was captivated by the genuine caring and convern of the teachers and staff. I know that our local public schools offer a lot of academic options, but New Hope is where my kids get to talk openly about Jesus and God! NHCA is where the teachers PRAY in class for my child when they are having a rough week. New Hope is where every member of the staff is committed to the success of every student. I love that NHCA is holding my kids accountable for their CHARACTER while instilling the virtues of honesty, integrity, respect, and excellence! The fact that NHCA is now a STEM/STEAM school is just one more confirmation that sending our kids to NHCA is worth the sacrifice!" -Scott & Susan Applegate | NHCA family, 9 years

"Why did we choose New Hope Christian Academy? Our journey with New Hope started in 1993 when our oldest son, Caleb, was 18 months old. We were in search of a day care for him and New Hope was just opening their doors. What we found was a caring and Christ-centered environment with staff that not only had a love for Christ, but a love for our son. It was not a difficult decision to keep him at New Hope when it was time for him to start kindergarten. Caleb attended New Hope up through the 6th grade. He is now a graduate of Wilmington College and is employed with Berger Health Systems as an Athletic Trainer. He is also working towards his goal of becoming a Physician's Assistant. His little brother Corbin started the same path at New Hope when he was 18 months old. Corbin is now a sophmore at New Hope. It is amazing to see the many great things that God is doing in our school. Our faculty, staff and administrator are passionate about their calling. We believe our sons have flourished becasue of the nurturing and encouraging environment that is in each and every classroom at New Hope. First and foremost though, we believe the Christian values that are so important to us are being fostered and reinforced in our school daily. We are thrilled that our students are thriving academically but also that they are building a stronger relationship with Christ. We are Statesmen!" -Larry & Melissa Betz | NHCA family, 23 years

"Thank you so much. We are so happy with her progress. We cant believe how she has blossomed and is now trying to get on honor roll. She is proof and a testimony that children with disabilities can learn with patience, kindness and love. The staff has a Christ-like spirit and you can feel warmth and love at New Hope. This evening she told us "Thank you for helping me," so we want to say the same to you and the wonderful staff . Thank you, for all you have done! God Bless." -current New Hope family

"Both of my oldest children prayed out loud for the 1st time this week. This is a big deal for my shy kids who have refused up until now. After four weeks at New Hope I am seeing a lot of spiritual/emotional growth in my kids!" -current New Hope teacher/parent

"I am blessed to be a part of the New Hope Christian family! Mrs. Baumgardner, the principal at New Hope, always goes above and beyond for her students and families. The teachers and staff are just as wonderful. God has blessed us through NHCA!" -current New Hope family

"I love hearing my daughter sporadically say "I love my teachers!" What a great feeling that is!" -current New Hope family



Our 10th graders were asked to identify their top benefits they have aquired or acheived since being a New Hope Statesman.
Here's what they had to say:

NHCA has taught me how to be a servant leader.
NHCA has privided me with a safe learning environment.
NHCA has enabled me to improve my communication and social skills.
NHCA has enabled me to work independantly.
NHCA has smaller class sizes, enabling me to more effectively reach my potential.
NHCA has enabled me to become more comfortable with my faith.
NHCA has provided a more diverse learning environment.
NHCA has taught me how to be more respectful of others and their opinions.
NHCA has provided me the ability to learn how to manage my time better.
NHCA has enabled me to gain an appreciation for learning.