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An innovative K–12 Christian Academy educating our future leaders.

THE PURPOSE AND GOAL of New Hope is to provide our students with the very best education with caring, qualified, Christian teachers. Our school provides curriculum, activities, methods, and materials centered in and upon the eternal principles of God's Word and His son, Jesus Christ. Small class sizes provide a high degree of individual interaction.

We believe that the education of our students is important because it not only deals with their present lives, but it also affects and shapes their future. The students' home, church, and school experience should be a preparation for life, a life of walking daily with God and service to man.

New Hope Christian Academy is an innovative PK–high school Christian academy dedicated to excellence by partnering with families and churches in educating the future Christian leaders through Christ-centered training, application, and example.

NHCA affirms the following core values:

  • Scripture is recognized as the revealed Word of God and is taught as truth
  • A rigorous process of the integration of faith and learning in all academic disciplines is maintained
  • Christian administration and faculty model Christ in teaching and leading
  • High academic standards are maintained, internal and external evaluation is welcome
  • Curriculum and other programs are characteristically innovative
  • Every student can learn and be successful
  • Parents have the primary responsibillity for the education of their children; the school serves as a tool for the parents
  • Teaching of the Bible is a core subject and is essential to the academic curriculum

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